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One last thing before I hit the hay.

I haven’t eaten meat in a while, and in both the times I have tried recently…it’s literally made me nauseous and given me the feeling that my insides are shredding to pieces.

I am finally at the point that I’ve wanted to be in terms of meat: I don’t crave it at all whatsoever.

And as far as fast food goes, it’s the same situation. I hadn’t actually had it in several months until this past week…and it did the same thing. Insides = destroyed…even the veggie burger I tried at BK today. It wasn’t happening.

I don’t really believe in labeling myself as a vegetarian, vegan, pescitarian, etc. I am just eating what I believe is good for my body.


Overall- considering the nasty things I have learned about our food industry these past few years, I believe this is the beginning of a healthier life choice for me.

After years of compromising meals based off of financial struggle and family household determined food choices, I am excited to have my own place where Tim and I can cook up tasty, healthier meals…where I decide what goes in my tummy every day. :)

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