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Rainbow Warriors in the Southwest region?

Message me! I’m just awake, and thinkin’ about ride shares for Nationals 2013. If anyone has a van/bus or knows of one me and a few others could hop on- we’d be down to throw in gas money (I know most of those puppies are guzzlers). This is obviously pretty premature so I guess no one knows exactly what they’ll be doing. I just wanna make some connections around here, I think we’d like to be on the road for a good while before the 4th so we can spend some time travelling before the big hoorah up in Montana. 

I just wanna talk to more family! Let me know. 

ALSO I got word about what happened at the International Gathering on the 21st from some family I met this past summer, but I’m still waiting to hear from anyone else about personal experiences! So feel free to send me anything about that.

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